I thank you, Mr Levi Roots.

For providing me with a very delicious dinner.

It's cold and nasty out there and instead of being in East Croydon tonight as planned, I am at home in Essex because trains were running to here. I thought it would be easier to get to somewhere that the trains were going to as well. I'm clever like that.

Anyway. I do not do 'ping' food as a rule, unless I am caught out by circumstance. Today I was caught out by circumstance and so 'ping' food it was. This 'ping' food, however, is different. For one thing, it tastes gorgeous and for another thing, it has actual ingredients in it. Look, see?

And look what the stock has in it. CHICKEN CARCASS. Your actual chicken bones made into a stock. This is happy-making for me because that is the proper way to do things.


meemalee said...

But what was the meal? Tell me! I quite like ping food :D

Lisa Cookwitch said...

I knew there was something I left out!
Jamaican Coconut Chicken Curry with Rice and Peas. I'll add a photo of the cover.