Dickheads on a power trip?

This kind of thing makes me very angry. There is no need for this type of petty behaviour from a restaurant, none at all.

Back in 2008, flywingedmonkey published a review of his experience of eating at The Masala Zone in Camden Town.

To cut a long story short, he didn't like it. It was, by his account an unrewarding experience.


MZ_CT as they also like to be known in certain circles (their own) have, after a three-year gap, discovered this disadvantageous review and instead of addressing the issue by say, inviting the worthy correspondent back gratis, perhaps, to see how they have improved, they simply left an anonymous response to the review:

"Dickheads on a power trip
It think that says it all - I doubt they would want you back.
By the way your review comes in on page 4 of searches.
No worries for MZ _ CT
Go fuck yourselves"

A few more reiterations of this and flywingedmonkey's post, complete with links, may just promote them up the search page rankings.

It is an ambition. It may be a petty ambition, but an ambition nonetheless.

What IS IT with restaurants that do this kind of thing? If you have made mistakes, then fix them, don't just bleat at the blogger in an impotent and insulting fashion. Bad show old chaps, very bad show. Telling someone to go f*ck themselves? Oh dear oh dear...

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