Testing Windows Livewriter


This is a test, so I’m about to see if this works by posting up some food photos. Here we go!

1. blackcurrant quencher 2.  Coop meatballs

1. Blackcurrant Quencher from Leon. This is a truly scrumptious drink.

2. Those are Co-op meatballs, one of Husband’s favourite dinners to have. I just make the sauce.


Lisa Cookwitch said...

Hmm. The line spacing is a bit odd, but I'm sure I can work it out.

Kavey said...

Within Livewriter, you can tell it to pick up the template/ formatting from your blog, so that everything it posts from then on is in the correct format for the blog.


Lisa Cookwitch said...

Thank you! Still learning - but damn the picture was way easier.

Kavey said...

I am a wise Kavey... ;)