Brownies, blondies, call 'em what you will.

I tried a brownie recipe a while ago using sweet potato as the 'fat'. It was rich and gooey and luscious.


Now I want to try a variation, simply because I am dying to try and make lilac brownies. Er, blondies. Ooh I know! Slocombes! (Anyone who remembers Mrs Slocombe's hair from Are You Being Served will know exactly what I mean.
This is the roughly worked out recipe.

400g purple mountain sweet potatoes, baked in their skins until soft, then cooled and pureed.
3 free range eggs
140g white caster sugar
A pinch of salt
150g white chocolate, melted and cooled (I'll use Divine white or Green and Blacks white)
100g ground almonds
2 tsp white flour
70g of good quality white chocolate drinking powder, Whittards one is gorgeous.
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp rosewater or rose extract
1 tsp cinnamon
150g Turkish delight, chopped (I used whole shelled pistachios as I had no TD, hence the rosewater but chopped chocolate covered Turkish Delight may have to happen)
    I do hope it works, but it will be a week or so until I can be back home to give it a go. How cool, though, to make lilac cakes?


    Kavey said...

    I love the colour lilac.

    I pronounce it to rhyme with bill-duck because it's a word I encountered in written form long before I ever heard it said out loud. I read a lot at a young age and sometimes my guessed pronunciations for words have stuck, no matter than I know it ought to be pronounced to rhyme with sly-duck.


    Lisa Cookwitch said...

    I have the same problem with quite a few words. I started reading at some silly age - mainly through frustration at my Dad never coming to read me a bedtime story - and so words like awry still are in my head as ORY not a-rye. Lapel always rhymes with label! And don't get me started on dishevelled...